Where to begin

So much time has passed and so many things, strange things, beautiful things, weird and wonderful things have happened.  Maybe so many that I found I could not possibly put it into a post.  Just couldn’t do it.  Thought about it.  Wanted to.  Was afraid to.  Didn’t know where to begin.  But as I now face a new chapter in my life I think I’ll try.  Maybe a few pictures will help explain where I’ve been. 



Maui for a beautiful wedding, sorry no wedding pics.


Trip to Santa Barbara with the little birds.


Trip to the desert.  Oh What A Night!!

Grad 2015 29150610

A Graduation!!  Woohoo we made it. Last one done!


Back to Maui because it’s graduation, because it’s our new favorite place, because I will find any excuse to go there.



To Mammoth for a last Girl Scout hurrah. 



Back to Mammoth to visit one of my birds.


And now that the little birds have grown and flew away leaving me with an empty nest it’s just us – and dogs.  And now I’m tired just thinking back at all the events of the last year plus, so with that I’m going to sit down and relax – because I can.   


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