Potted Plant Combinations

It’s that time of year.  Time to start filling all of your pots with something.  But what??  Flowers are great but sometimes you just need color and it has to be easy.  This combination is full of color and not much work.  I’m going to start featuring plant combination ideas.  Because I work at a nursery, it’s easy for me to play around with plants and do some experimenting with different combinations. 

This is shown with or without the Black Mondo grass.  The grass in the middle is Pennisetum “Fireworks” fountain grass and the variegated red/green on the right is Coleus colorblaze, you can use any coleus you find at your nursery.  On the left is Heuchera  “Creme Brule” and the bright green ‘spliller’ plant is Ipomoea “lime” if you can’t find this you could use any trailing plant such as an ivy.   This would be amazing in a black pot or terra cotta pot.  Very dramatic.  Be sure to use a good potting soil.  This can take half a day of sun probably would not like super hot afternoon sun. 

Happy plantings!!

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