A Bit of Reluctant Gratitude



Now that I’m done with my tantrum, or at least for this minute because it seems to keep rearing it’s ugly head, I do have a few thinks I’m grateful for.  And these are the things that I really have to keep reminding myself of.  Not that my situation gives warrant to reminders of gratitude, we all have to stop to count our blessings at anytime or any life situation.  However, when facing a diagnosis that is permanent, as in, for the rest of your life, it makes your thoughts change and your perceptions change.  No matter how bad life is there is always something positive if you look hard enough and open your heart enough.

First, I am so so thankful for my supportive family, my husband who is still on this crazy new change of diet with me and my kids who are willing to try any meal I put on the table.  My extended family who has been sensitive and offers much needed words of comfort and kindness.  My mother who reminds me that I am strong and can do this, who has experience with a life changing diagnosis as well.

Living in southern California is a plus.  Lots of restaurants who have gluten free, dairy free, vegan options.  Great supermarkets that offer many choices to meet the needs of all dietary restrictions.  Love that I can go to a pastry counter at Jimbo’s or Wholefoods and find some sweet treat that I can have, makes me feel not so left out.  Lots of organic and non-GMO food choices as well.

Being able to plant and grow my own vegetables even though its October!  Just planted garlic, onions, shallots, beets, radishes and herbs.  Still working on filling the beds but it’s a great start.  Again, love living in So Cal! Losing weight!! Who doesn’t love that?  However, now that I’ve found so many great food options my weight loss has slowed down.

Not having headaches all the time.  So weird, I use to have headaches all the time, have my whole life.  Now I have them just about once a month and I think it has to do with that time of month.  So I am learning new things about my body that I just didn’t pay attention to before.

The internet!!  This is a plus and a negative thing.  I’ve been able to learn so much about MS through the internet.  So much information out there to help me get this thing figured  out.   But when I start to do to much research then I get sad because of all the stories of struggle from other MS sufferers.

Bloggers!  Bloggers who have opened up and shared there stories and there talents.  Meaning, cooking talents.  So many great recipes on line that gives someone like me hope.  Although, as I sit here with Ina Garten cooking up some seriously fabulous looking French food on the TV, I’m inspired to try those recipes only tweaking them for my needs.  And I’m only able to think this way because of the great trail blazers of gluten free cooking bloggers.

Twitters!  Strange, I know, but there have been some very supportive MSer’s  who have given me support through twitter. Social media, who knew!




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